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¡Prueba nuestros nuevos cursos de HTML y CSS!

Aprender con Codecademy ahora es más fácil para millones de personas.

Aprender a programar es difícil; ¡aprender en un idioma extranjero es aun más difícil! Ya no tendrás que preocuparte por el idioma: usuarios como tú nos están ayudando a traducir Codecademy al español, y nuestro primer curso, HTML/CSS, ya esta listo. Pruébalo y dinos tu opinión, esperamos tener muchos más cursos listos muy pronto.


Meet our latest language: ¡Español!

Learning on Codecademy just got easier for millions of people.

Learning to code is hard; learning to code in a foreign language is even harder. That’s why we’ve been working with users to translate our courses into their native language.

Have friends that speak Latin American Spanish? Now they too can learn the basics with our newly translated HTML/CSS track. You may just make their day.

Check it out!

Psst… Want to help translate? Let us know.

Our five favorite Code Cards

Just yesterday we released our latest project to the world: Code Cards! Now you can code your own holiday greeting with HTML, CSS, and just a touch of inspiration.

We wanted to showcase our five favorite cards, from a talking Spock to a bouncing Merry Christmas — check them out!

A moving CSS3mas!

A neon pink holiday

A bouncing Feliz Navidad

Happy minimalistic holidays!

Spock says “Logical Holiday” in Hungarian

Didn’t make one? No worries, there’s still time before New Year’s. Enjoy!

Moi maailma: Happy Findependence Day!

Last week we celebrated a very special holiday for one of our Codecademists — Finnish Independence Day, or as we affectionately call it, “Findependence Day.”


Finland has given us many things in the land of technology, including the mobile communications company Nokia and the creator of operating system Linux, Linus Torvald — not to mention Santa Claus himself!

But most importantly, it gave us our lovely community manager, Linda! To thank the country for its kind gift we turned a wall into its giant flag and celebrated with specially-handcrafted cupcakes, courtesy of our interaction designer.


Happy Findependence Day, everyone!

Announcing Codecademy Projects

Learning the basics of a programming language—its syntax, design, and features—is necessary to be able to write programs. Once you know the basics, though, you want to put your new knowledge to work to build something!

In order to provide more concrete things for you to build, we’re rolling out Codecademy Projects. The courses in this track come in two types: basic and advanced.

The basic projects will walk you through a step-by-step process to make something of your very own, whether it’s a CSS-styled button, a web form, or a JavaScript drawing. The advanced projects are free-form (there’s no correctness test!) and allow you to put your knowledge to work to create more complex web applications like a video game or an online store. They include links to helpful courses, tutorials, and documentation to help get you going, and when you’ve finished, you’ll get a link you can use to share your creation on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook!

While the advanced projects rely on the products you’ll build in the basic projects and the basic projects rely on the knowledge you’ll gain in the tracks, you don’t need to do all the basic projects or advanced projects in order. As long as you’re familiar with the prerequisites a project mentions, you’re good to go!

As we develop more advanced and engaging projects for you, we’ll continue to improve the Codecademy learning environment. We’re confident you’ll love all the new ideas and features we have in store.

Start your first project!

Show off your work!


One of the most wished features in the community has been the ability to share your accomplishments with your friends on Facebook. Now it is possible.

Post your badges to a gallery on your Facebook timeline – just remember to set your account to public. And don’t worry, you can change your sharing preferences at any time under account settings.